Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

The team for Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation attends you not only during your inpatient stay at Rudolfinerhaus. Our wide range of services is at your disposal for outpatient treatments as well.

We help you with:

  • Problems of the musculoskeletal system and the spine
  • Improvement of muscle strength and endurance
  • Assistance in neurological movement disorders
  • Rheumatic diseases
  • Outpatient rehabilitation
  • Preparation for surgery
  • Recovery gymnastics after childbirth
  • Pelvic floor exercising
  • Medical training therapy & relearning of pain-free movement patterns
  • osteoporosis prophylaxis & fall prevention

We offer modern and proven methods joining movement therapy, manual therapy, ergotherapy, treatment in accordance with the fascial distortion model, massage, electrotherapy, wraps & baths.

In case of acute problems, specialists’ evaluations and therapies are available at short notice.


Head of the Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Roland Peceny, MD
Specialist in Physical Medicine & General Rehabilitation

Expert Evaluation from a specialist

Specialist’s evaluation 170 €
(All therapies are provided on medical prescription and under the supervision of a medical specialist)

Services & Prices


Massage 25 minutes

58 €

Massage 45 minutes

97 €

Special massages
(acupuncture massage, foot reflex zone massage, Marnitz therapy, tuina massage, myofascial release)

65 €

Lymphatic drainage 25 minutes

65 €

Lymphatic drainage 45 minutes

99 €

Physiotherapy 25 minutes

61 €

Physiotherapy 45 minutes

99 €

Preparing for childbirth and labour

61 €

Recovery gymnastics

61 €

Ergotherapy 25 minutes

61 €

Ergotherapy 45 minutes

99 €

Thermal therapy

Parafango treatment kit (1 or 2 sheets)

46 €

Parafango treatment kit (3 or more sheets)

60 €

Paraffin bath

46 €

Red light therapy

36 €


Medium-frequency electrotherapy (IF, STE)

38 €

Exponential current for the face

84 €

Low-frequency therapy
(IG, FM, threshold current, TENS, EXPO, GALV)

38 €


39 €

Magnetic field

38 €


36 €

Training in electrotherapy

59 €

CO2 bath

38 €

Prices valid from 1.1.2023 onward. Subject to change.

Each of our therapy programs is always fine-tuned to your personal needs. We also offer telemedicine by video call and teletherapy – with tutorial videos compiled for you. If needed, we can also send you a description of your exercises by e-mail.


What do I need before I start a therapy? Do I need a doctor’s prescription and can I get the costs reimbursed? Here we answer all questions before you start.


As a special service, you will be cared for by the therapist of your choice throughout your treatment and will be given exact appointments you can rely on.


Lumbago, a stiff neck, a sprained ankle or a blockade – even in acute cases we are at your service and can offer you a specialist’s evaluation and treatment at short notice.


To support conscious care of your body in these challenging times, we have produced a series of videos for use at home.


Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

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