Ear, Nose & Throat

Our ear, nose and throat specialists offer prompt diagnostic investigation and treatment of acute and chronic infections, diseases, functional disorders, injuries, malformations and changes in the form of the throat, mouth, pharynx, nose, or ears. These areas include the ears, the upper respiratory tract, the oral cavity, pharynx, larynx, the lower respiratory tract and oesophagus, as well as tear glands, paranasal sinuses, mouth, salivary glands, allergies, cranial nerves, etc. Furthermore, the diagnosis and treatment of cancer in the head and neck are one of the core tasks of this speciality.

Apart from diagnostic investigation and conservative treatment, we perform all ENT-specific operations. In head and neck surgery, microsurgical methods are used especially in narrow, poorly accessible surgical areas. For children as well, we offer top specialists with the required empathy.

Diagnostic Investigations

ENT examinations
Entire range of investigations such as endoscopic and microscopic examinations, clinical investigation of the whole ear, nose and throat region, hearing test.

Diagnostic Imaging
Every type of radiological examination
like MRI & CT

Lung investigations
Chest X-ray, lung function test, whole-body plethysmography (full pulmonary function test), video bronchoscopy

Rapid reporting of cytological and histological investigations,
frozen-section diagnosis even during the operation
immunohistochemical investigations

Sleep laboratory
in-patient monitoring of sleep through the night

On-site Lab (results in 1–2 hours)
and diagnostic investigations of allergies and intolerance

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