Diagnostic investigation

Our diagnostic services.

Rudolfinerhaus Private Clinic offers a comprehensive in-house infrastructure which enables us to perform a very large spectrum of investigations within the hospital. This, in combination with the required specialists to perform these investigations, and the interdisciplinary cooperation of additional specialists permits high-quality reporting and accurate diagnosis. Efficient collaboration between the departments within the hospital ensures a smooth workflow. The institute of diagnostic imaging, the day clinic & endoscopy, histology and an on-site lab, a private out-patient department, invasive cardiology and nuclear medicine are all located within the premises.

Diagnostic Imaging
X-ray, CT, MRI, ultrasound, mammography, breast biopsy,
bone densitometry, interventional radiology, phlebography

Cardiological investigations
ECG, exercise ECG (ergometry),
Heart ultrasound
carotid ultrasound (ultrasound of the carotid artery)
24-hour ECG & 24-hour blood pressure monitoring
Peripheral oscillography, diagnosis of vasoconstrictions, blood clots (Invasive Angiography)

Neurological investigations:
Nerve conduction velocity (NCV), electroencephalography (EEG),
electromyography (EMG), cerebrospinal fluid analysis, screening for dementia

Lung investigations
Chest X-ray, lung function test, whole-body plethysmography (full pulmonary function test), video bronchoscopy

Diagnosis of Allergy and Intolerance

Organ screening (Day clinic & Endoscopy)
Colonoscopy, virtual (CT) colonoscopy,
ERCP (endoscopy of gallbladder and pancreas)
Prostate biopsy
Lumbar puncture (spinal tap)
Bone marrow biopsy (iliac crest biopsy)
Liver biopsy
Proctoscopy, rectoscopy

Nuclear medicine
Thyroid testing
Scintigraphy (of the internal organs, breasts, lymphatic system, heart, brain, bones)


BIA Measurement (determination of body composition)

On-site Lab (results in 1–2 hours)


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