In addition to general surgery, at Rudolfinerhaus you will find many subspecialties of surgery – and the appropriate surgeon for your problem.
Our operating rooms are provided with the most modern equipment for surgery, supported by a comprehensive infrastructure. Our on-site histology laboratory ensures rapid reporting of biopsy specimens and frozen section diagnostics. Thus, the surgeon is able to discuss the findings with a histopathologist even during the operation.

Endoscopic and radiological investigations can also be performed directly at the hospital by the respective expert. Regardless of whether your intervention is performed as a day-clinic procedure or during a hospital stay – afterwards you will receive the best medical and nursing care.

List of Specialities

General and Abdominal surgery
All standard operations of general surgery, such as those of the appendix, gallstones, hernia, thyroid surgery and cancer, are performed by the laparoscopic as well as the open technique.

Breast surgery
Breast surgery for breast cancer, including reconstruction

Dermatological surgery
Surgery in local anaesthesia – such as the operation of pathological scars and skin cancers, atheroma and lipoma, if necessary also with plastic surgery for coverage.

Vascular surgery
Minimally invasive vascular surgery with the use of stents in all arteries (carotid arteries, including aneurysms and stenosis) and vein surgery.

Gynaecological surgery
All procedures of gynaecological surgery, surgery in the breast and the lower abdomen, such as endometriosis, cysts, myoma, vaginal and uterine prolapse, ovarian alterations

Ear, Nose and Throat surgery
All ENT-specific operations in children and adults, such nasal airway obstruction (chronic sinusitis, polyps, snoring), diseases of the middle ear (hearing loss and cochlear implants, paracentesis or tympanic membrane incision), oral cavity, throat, and larynx (tonsils, cysts, polyps, lymph nodes, parotid tumours, congenital malformations). Rudolfinerhaus offers the most modern surgical techniques (laser, nerve monitoring and endoscopic surgery).

Hand surgery
All surgical procedures after injuries or alterations of the hand or the wrist are performed using minimally invasive, arthroscopic or microsurgical techniques.

Paediatric surgery
Circumcision, phimosis, Hernias (groin hernia, umbilical hernia), Appendix, Tonsils and other types of head and neck surgery in children

The large majority of neurosurgical procedures can be performed at Rudolfinerhaus, such as operations (intervertebral discs, stenosis), malformations of cerebral vessels (angioma), specific tumours of the brain and brain marrow (CNS), and peripheral neurosurgery (carpal tunnel syndrome).

Orthopaedic surgery
All areas of orthopaedics, intervertebral discs, hip surgery, hand and foot surgery, major and minor operations in the musculoskeletal system. These interventions can be performed in general, regional or local anaesthesia, during an in-hospital stay or as outpatient procedures.

Plastic & Reconstructive surgery
All procedures of plastic and reconstructive surgery as well as aesthetic operations such as eyelid correction, nose correction, breast enlargement or reduction, liposuction, varicose veins, abdominal wall lifting and other types of body lifting, facelift, etc.

Chest surgery (chest, lungs)
Minimally invasive thoracoscopy for diseases of the pleura, lungs, trachea and bronchi, diaphragm and chest wall.

Trauma surgery & Sports traumatology
After accidents and sports injuries, for recent as well as chronic injuries, including hand surgery, arthroscopic shoulder surgery, arthroscopic knee surgery, cruciate ligament replacement, hip and ankle joint surgery etc.

Urological surgery
Open surgery and laparoscopic operations of the bladder, urinary tract and prostate. Minimally invasive methods (such as TVT – tension-free vaginal tape –or minimally invasive procedures through laparoscopy) are used in urogynaecological surgery. These modern techniques are known to yield highest success rates and achieve maximum satisfaction for the patient.

Diagnostic Procedures

Diagnostic imaging
Every type of radiological investigation
X-ray, ultrasound, MRI & CT
Mammography, bone densitometry, interventional radiology

Colonoscopy, virtual (CT) colonoscopy
Proctocopy & rectoscopy
Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP)
Prostate biopsy
Liver biopsy
Iliac crest puncture (bone marrow biopsy)
Needle tapping of joints
Lumbar puncture, spinal tap (sampling of spinal fluid)
MRI in sedation

Nuclear medicine investigations
Thyroid testing
Scintigraphy (of the internal organs, breast, lymphatic system, heart, brain, bones)

Rapid reporting of cytological and histological investigations
Frozen-section investigation even during an operation
Immunohistochemical investigations

On-site Lab (results in 1–2 hours)

In case of abdominal or gynaecological procedures, laparoscopic surgery means little loss of blood, smaller scars and less postsurgical pain.


Top experts in orthopaedic surgery and traumatology provide minimally invasive surgeries, best postsurgical care and individual rehabilitation.


Thyroid surgery at Rudolfinerhaus counts on the support of nuclear medicine diagnostics such as scintigraphy, specific lab tests and highly experienced endocrinologists.


Vascular surgery treats diseases of the blood vessels (arteries, veins) by carotid surgery, placement of stents or surgery of stenosis, aneurysms or varicose veins.


Day clinic & Endoscopy

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