The investigation and treatment of cardiovascular diseases is one of the main points of focus at our hospital. A large number of renowned cardiologists and vascular surgeons are available for your care. All diagnostic procedures at Rudolfinerhaus are performed in accordance with the most recent technical standards. An exact diagnosis permits the best possible treatment to relieve the burden on the heart and alleviate symptoms. Invasive cardiology permits cardiac catheter investigations (in cases of vascular constrictions or obstructions) as well as ablation of the heart (in cases of cardiac arrhythmia). Our interdisciplinary services include all preventive examinations, physiotherapy and nutritional therapy, stress counselling & psychocardiology, as well as collaborative treatments with specific specialists such as those for sleep medicine and experts for metabolic disorders and complemented by exercise and nutrition experts, stress counselling and psycho-cardiology.

Diagnostic Investigations

Cardiological investigations
ECG, exercise ECG (ergometry)
Heart ultrasound (transthoracic & transoesophageal)
Carotid ultrasound (ultrasound of the carotid artery)
24-hour ECG & 24-hour blood pressure monitoring
Peripheral oscillography, diagnosis of vasoconstrictions, blood clots
Cardiac catheter examination/electrophysiological examination
Angiography (Invasive Angiography)
Pacemaker check
All radiological investigations of the heart, e.g. cardiac CT, cardiac MRI,
calcium scoring, etc.

Diagnostic Imaging
Every type of radiological investigation
X-ray, ultrasound, MRI & CT, phlebography, interventional radiology

Lung investigations
Chest X-ray
Lung function test, whole-body plethysmography (full pulmonary function test)
Video bronchoscopy

Endocrinological examinations
And examinations of metabolism, laboratory investigations and BIA measurement
(Metabolic & Hormone Centre)

Nuclear medicine investigations
Myocardial scintigraphy

Sleep laboratory
In-patient monitoring of sleep through the night

On-site lab (results in 1–2 hours)

Therapies & Treatments

Cardiological treatment
Individualised drug dosing and treatment of cardiovascular diseases
Pacemaker treatment
Invasive angiography, balloon dilatation & stent, cardiac ablation
(Invasive Angiography)

Physical therapy
Physiotherapy, manual therapy, outpatient rehabilitation

Metabolic therapies (Metabolic & Hormone Centre)
Adjustment and care of diabetes, metabolic syndrome, obesity, etc. by specialists in endocrinology.

Treatment of Sleep disorders
Treatment by experts of sleep medicine or other specialists, depending on the determined cause: psychological, somatic, medication-related or surgical

Nutritional therapy
Individual and specific nutrition counselling and training by dieticians
Accompanied weight reduction programme

Psychocardiological & Psychological guidance
Advice from cardiologists, with special attention to psychocardiological aspects, and individual counselling or guidance from a clinical psychologist: practice of stress management, activation of protective psychological factors, psychological aspects of weight reduction, dealing with eating and sleep disorders.

At the interventional cardiology unit of Rudolfinerhaus, we perform more than 450 angiographies per year.


Regular health checks guarantee early detection of possible diseases and lead to a long life free of complaints.


Coronary diseases are very common. The Vienna Heart Center offers diagnostics, therapy and prevention for healthy and affected patients of all ages.


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