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Statistically, cardiovascular diseases are among the most frequent causes of death. In Europe, coronary heart disease ranks first, followed by infarction, cardiac insufficiency and cardiac arrhythmia. Timely preventive examinations help to avoid numerous diseases.

Everything that can be detected in an early stage can be treated successfully.
Therefore, it makes sense also for young or middle-aged people who do not have any symptoms, to think about the prevention of cardiac diseases. In early stages, these can occur without any symptoms and be easily overlooked.

By its interdisciplinary structure and close cooperation of specialists in various fields, Vienna Heart Center provides extensive diagnostics and excellent expertise.

Services of Vienna Heart Center

General cardiological diagnostics:
Comprehensive anamnesis, ECG and detailed clinical examinations.

This method helps to identify structural heart diseases as well as alterations of the heart valves and the heart musculature.

Long-term ECG:
Long-term ECG facilitates the detection of cardiac arrhythmia which occurs intermittently.

Diagnostic Imaging (non-invasive imaging):
MRI & CT are important for the evaluation of the coronary vessels.

Analysis and treatment for risk factors such as lipid metabolism, diabetes or obesity.

In many cases, this minimally invasive method allows to examine the coronary vessels more closely or to perform interventions such as stents or cardiac catheters.

Catheter ablation:
With this method, surplus or pathological pathways and excitation focuses which cause cardiac arrhythmia can be ablated, thus fixing certain disorders (e.g. auricular fibrillation).

Heart surgery:
At Rudolfinerhaus, pacemaker implants are performed as well.

Under the direction of the renowned heart surgeon Univ.Prof. Dr. Günther Laufer, the new Vienna Heart Center at Rudolfinerhaus offers diagnostics, therapy and prevention for patients with and without symptoms of all ages.

Coordinator Vienna Heart Center
Univ.Prof. Dr. Günther Laufer
Specialist in heart, thoracic & vascular surgery

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