Day clinic & Endoscopy

The Day clinic at Rudolfinerhauses offers a large variety of endoscopic investigations and surgical procedures. We perform gastroscopy and colonoscopy routinely in twilight sleep and painlessly. Local and other types of anaesthesia are administered exclusively by anaesthesists. The collected tissue samples are investigated directly at the in-house histology laboratory which facilitates results within 1 to 2 days.

Our day-clinic beds are designed as relaxation rooms with privacy. After the intervention you will be brought back to your relaxation room, where you can wake up undisturbed and recover. When you leave our day clinic you can take all your reports home right away – except for the histology report.

Diagnostic Investigations

Colonoscopy, virtual CT colonoscopy
Proctoscopy, rectoscopy
ERCP (endoscopy of the gallbladder and pancreas)
Prostate biopsy
Liver biopsy
Bone marrow biopsy (iliac crest biopsy)
Joint puncture (arthrocentesis)
Lumbar puncture (spinal tap)
MRI in sedation

Therapies & Treatments

Wound care after surgery & treatment of chronic wounds
Nail excision, nail wedge excision
Anal fissure and marisk removal
Removal of birthmarks
Removal of atheroma, lipoma, basal cell carcinoma), warts, condyloma
Surgery of haemorrhoids
Circumcision of adults
Upper eyelid lifting
Removal of port-a-cath

Endoscopic procedures
Polypectomy (polyp removal)
ERCP with stone removal,
Stent placement
Placement of a PEG tube (feeding tube through the abdominal wall)
Gastric balloon for weight reduction
Treatment of haemorrhoids (HAL laser)

Infiltration & infusion therapies
Joint and spine puncture
Infusion therapies, blood transfusions


Rudolfinerhaus Day clinic & Endoscopy does not settle costs directly with health insurance companies. The costs can be reimbursed at rates applicable to non-social-health-insurance-accredited doctors.


Head of the Day clinic & Endoscopy
Nada Loibner-Ott, MD
Specialist in General and visceral surgery

Day clinic & Endoscopy

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Opening hours

Opening hours & appointments

8 am – 5 pm


Rudolfinerhaus Privatklinik GmbH
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1190 Vienna

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