The earlier cancer is detected, the greater are its chances of cure. We offer you rapid all-round diagnostic investigation: from ultrasound and MRI through all laboratory tests and histology to nuclear medicine tests. By means of high-precision diagnostic methods, your tumour can be characterised accurately. For the treatment of tumours of any type, a multidisciplinary team of doctors consisting of top specialists in a tumour board design the best treatment for you, based on highest scientific standards. In addition to medical interventions, this includes holistic support through supplementary therapeutic measures provided by dietary advisers, physiotherapists, specially trained nurses and psychologists.

Diagnostic Investigations

Diagnostic Imaging
Every type of radiological investigation
ultrasound, X-ray, MRI & CT, bone densitometry, mammography,
interventional radiology

Rapid reporting of cytological and histological investigations,
reports of biopsies in 2–3 days
frozen-section diagnosis even during the operation
immunohistochemical investigations

Colonoscopy, virtual (CT) colonoscopy, gastroscopy
A large number of endoscopic investigations, biopsies & punctures, etc. for the following organs: bladder, gallbladder & pancreas (ERCP), prostate, liver, bone marrow, lungs, and special investigations of the kidneys, etc.

Nuclear medicine investigations
Thyroid testing
Scintigraphy (of the internal organs, breast, lymphatic system, heart, brain, bones)

Endocrinological examinations
And examinations of metabolism, hormone status
laboratory investigations and BIA measurement (Metabolic & Hormone Centre)

On-site Lab (results in 1–2 hours)

Therapies & Treatments

Oncological treatment
Specialists of haematology and internal oncology
Interdisciplinary tumour boards with renowned specialists; developing the most suitable therapy for you,
out-patient and in-patient chemotherapy,
targeted treatments like immunotherapy,
radiotherapy with partners,
pain therapy

Surgical treatments
Tumour operations by conventional and minimally invasive techniques
performed by the appropriate specialist for each condition and
reconstructive surgery

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Physiotherapy, manual therapies, lymph drainage, pelvic floor exercises, etc.
out-patient or in-patient rehabilitation, physiotherapy after
chemotherapy for boosting the immune system

Nutritional therapy
Individual and specific nutrition counselling and training by dieticians
e.g. nutrition in cancer

Psychological guidance
Psychological counselling and care

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