Internal medicine

The diagnostic investigation and treatment of internal diseases is a core competence of our hospital. You will find a large number of specialists for internal medicine with a variety of specialisations. The specialists are also well networked with each other. Whenever it is necessary, the appropriate specialist will be able to take over the treatment of any specific medical condition. The main subspecialties of internal medicine in Rudolfinerhaus are cardiology, oncology, metabolism and hormones (especially diabetes), pulmonology, gastroenterology, rheumatology and prevention of osteoporosis. The correct diagnosis is a prerequisite for any successful treatment. Rudolfinerhaus also offers comprehensive diagnostic options directly at the hospital – with the most modern devices and the respective specialists to perform the investigations. Supplementary therapy options complement the interdisciplinary treatment approach.

Diagnostic Investigations

Cardiological Investigations
ECG, exercise ECG (ergometry)
Heart ultrasound (transthoracic & transoesophageal)
Carotid ultrasound (ultrasound of the carotid artery)
24-hour ECG & 24-hour blood pressure monitoring
Peripheral oscillography, diagnosis of vasoconstrictions, blood clots
Cardiac catheter examinatio34n/Angiography (Invasive Angiography)
Pacemaker check
All radiological investigations of the heart, e.g. cardiac CT, cardiac MRI,
calcium scoring

Diagnostic Imaging
Every type of radiological investigation
X-ray, ultrasound, MRI & CT
Mammography, bone densitometry, Interventional radiology

Organ screening
Every type of ultrasound, MRI, and CT
Colonoscopy, virtual (CT) colonoscopy, gastroscopy
Endoscopic investigations, biopsies and punctures etc. for the following organs:
bladder, gallbladder and pancreas, prostate, liver, bone marrow, and special investigations of the kidneys, etc.

Lung investigations
Chest X-ray
Lung function test, whole-body plethysmography (full pulmonary function test)
Video bronchoscopy

Endocrinological investigations
and metabolic investigations

Nuclear medicine investigations
Thyroid testing
Scintigraphy (of the internal organs, breasts, lymphatic system, heart, brain, bones)


On-site Lab (result in 1–2 hours)

Therapies & Treatments

Cardiological treatments
Individualised drug dosing and treatment of cardiovascular diseases
Invasive angiography, balloon dilatation & stent, cardiac ablation
(Invasive Angiography)

Drug therapy
Nutrition counselling

Metabolic therapies
Adjustment and care of diabetes
Diet counselling
Psychological accompaniment

Rheumatological therapies
Drug treatment, infusion therapies
Infiltrations, punctures
Physical therapies (physiotherapy, manual therapy)
Nutrition counselling

Oncological therapies
Chemotherapy, immunotherapy
and supplementary therapies such as
lymphatic drainage, physiotherapy, psychological accompaniment

Rudolfinerhaus Private Clinic offers a comprehensive in-house infrastructure which enables us to perform a very large spectrum of investigations within the hospital.


The investigation and treatment of cardiovascular diseases is one of the main points of focus at our hospital.


Diabetes, diseases of the thyroid or metabolic disorders are all treated holistically by experienced endocrinologists who also help with early detection and prevention.


The Day clinic at Rudolfinerhauses offers a large variety of minimally invasive procedures and endoscopic investigations.


With rheuma, carefully guided medical history interview, a detailed clinical examination and precise diagnostic imaging are the most important instruments.


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