Minimally invasive abdominal surgery

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For many diagnoses, minimally invasive (laparoscopic) surgery has mostly replaced open surgery methods. This modern technique is especially gentle, causes less blood loss, smaller scars und less post-surgical pain. The target area can be reached directly and healthy structures are preserved.

By inserting a small video camera with a diameter of a few millimetres through tiny cuts between 0,3 and 2 cm, the surgeon views the abdominal cavity and performs surgery with very small surgical instruments. Because of these small cuts, this technique is also called ‘keyhole surgery’.

In the abdominal cavity, surgeries such as removal of the appendix, all kinds of hernias (i.e. inguinal hernia, diaphragmatic hernia or umbilical hernia), removal of the gallbladder and a multitude of surgeries of the gastrointestinal tract, liver or spleen.

In gynaecology, cysts, myoms or uterus resections as well as tumor removals are performed using this technique. Also endometriosis or surgeries for uterine or vaginal descensus are possible laparoscopically.

At Rudolfinerhaus, are range of specialists with experience with this technique are at your disposal as well as modern surgery rooms and highly professional support staff and excellent postsurgical care.

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