Carefree through your pregnancy

Before childbirth

No matter if you prefer natural birth, outpatient or painfree birth, our teams of midwives, anaesthesists and paediatric nurses is at your disposal 24 hours a day and meets your every wish. At Rudolfinerhaus, you are in the best hands from the beginning of your pregnancy. We offer examinations within the parent-child protection programme such as gynaecological examinations, laboratory tests or ultrasound. We take our time to answer all your questions reliably.

Our team imparts their knowledge about all important questions you might have about the adventure that lies ahead. We also offer additional services such as acupuncture for your discomforts during pregnancy, nutrition counselling, breastfeeding advice, aftercare, postnatal exercises and baby massage.

We speak your language.

English, French, Italian or Spanish, our midwives and doctors speak many languages und can easily communicate with pregnant women who do not speak German. For other languages we offer third party translation.

Have a look for yourself.

Before you decide to have your baby at Rudolfinerhaus, it is important that you get to know us and get answers to your important questions. Get a feeling for our experience of more than 100 years, our expertise and safety measures, the personal and highly qualified care and the soothing family atmosphere. Do you want to visit the obstetrics ward at Rudolfinerhaus personally? Make an appointment for a free and not binding personal tour! We are looking forward to meeting you.

Registration for childbirth

Childbirth is possible starting with the end of the 36th week of your pregnancy. Should childbirth occur earlier than planned, it must take place in a hospital with neonatal facilities (i.e. Vienna’s General). Should you decide to have your baby at Rudolfinerhaus we look forward to your registration – please use the form below.


Our services during your pregnancy

At your side from the start.

At Rudolfinerhaus, you are in the best hands from the beginning of your pregnancy. We take our time to answer all your questions reliably. The midwives and our team are at your disposal at all times and offer a range of additional services.

  • Preparatory meeting with your midwife free of charge (as part of the Austrian parent-child protection programme)
  • Sessions for birth preparation
  • Acupuncture & Kinesio taping
  • Nutrition counselling during pregnancy and afterwards
  • Consultation with a midwife (additional counselling for an extra charge)
  • Birth support by the midwife of your choice who is available from preparation to childbirth
Midwives & doctors

The best midwives and doctors for you.

Are you still looking for an obstetrics specialist and gynaecologist or an empathic and competent midwife to assist you with pregnancy and childbirth?
You will find them at Rudolfinerhaus. At Rudolfinerhaus, you are in the best hands of midwives and doctors from the beginning of your pregnancy. From your first examination and sessions for birth preparation right until childbirth and aftercare.

Our midwives

Our midwives are experienced, highly trained and use all their empathy to meet your needs. All of them have additional qualifications such as acupuncture or breastfeeding advice, and they speak various languages. At the obstetrics ward, midwives are on duty 24/7. Should you choose a personal midwife, she will be at your disposal from birth preparation to aftercare. Because of this personal bond, she can consider all your needs and expectations. Which in turn guarantees a relaxed and stress-free childbirth. If you wish, she attends to you exclusively while our team stands by as back up only.

Our gynaecologists

If you don’t already have your own gynaecologist, you can choose from our highly qualified team of specialists for obstetrics & gynaecology who will gladly assist you. Should your personal doctor not be available at any moment, our standby team of gynaecologists is on duty 24/7. Additionally, Rudolfinerhaus provides on-duty anaesthesists at any time.

Pregnancy & childbirth

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