The Private Outpatient Clinic is the first point of contact for our patients to provide primary care and medical assessment. Lead by Delia Kiss, MD the Private Outpatient Clinic provides a wide range of diagnostic facilities for a broad therapeutical spectrum.

During our regular opening hours Monday through Friday from 8 am to 7 pm, we provide an immediate consultation within the hour with resident general practitioners who all hold special emergency qualifications. Specialists of all medical fields are available at short notice. The necessary exams such as lab diagnostics, blood pressure, ECG, ultrasound etc.  can all be provided without waiting time on our premises. Our interdisciplinary approach of medical specialists and the professional nursing staff is the basis of our work.

Rudolfinerhaus also offers preventive health checks to its patients. Click here for further information.

Please be advised that if you cannot present an Austrian e-Card at check-in we must charge you a deposit of € 300,00 (general physician) ir € 500,00 (medical specialist and subsequent tests). Thank you for your comprehension!

Delia Kiss, MD