Worth knowing before your exam

What you should know before your examination.

When do I have to come?
Please come to Rudolfinerhaus 20 minutes before your exam for administrative processing.

Do I have to come fasting?
This depend on he kind of exam. We inform you when you make your appointment.

What documents do I have to bring tothe exam?

  • Austria e-card
  • Prior findings if available
  • ONLY Patients insured with SVS public health fund: authorisation by the head physisian’s office of your health fund.
  • For MRI in some cases if a contrast agent is used: lab results less than 6 weeks old (especially GFR)
  • For CT in some cases if a contrast agent is used: lab results less than 6 weeks old (GFR, TSH and fT4)

Is there a barrier-free access?
The department of Diagnostic Imaging is situated on the ground flour of Rudolfinerhaus. For accessing Rudolfinerhaus you can use the barrier-free main entrance as well as our underground car park which is connected directly to the main entrance.

What is important for my examination?
Please use as little metallic items as possible (i.e. earrings, piercings). These must be removed before the exam as well as bras and belts. Hight gowns and blankets are provided.

Do you have a pacemaker or are you pregnant?
Please inform us when making your appointment. We will contact your doctor to consult about the examination.

Diagnostic Imaging

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