Joint pain & minimally invasive joint surgery

Männlicher Patient bei sportmediziinischer Begutachtung

Early stages of joint wear can easily be treated by non-surgical therapies. Cartilage of the affected joint (knee, hip, etc.) becomes thinner. To stop this process, medicaments are injected locally into the affected joint.

Acute joint pain can be treated quickly and effectively by targeted infiltrations. However, further examinations by x-ray and MRI are absolutely necessary. Intermediate damage of the cartilage can be treated with hyaluronic acid for cartilage build-up or with autoblood plasma which also improves the cartilage without surgery.

Existing injuries of cartilage, meniscus or ligaments are treated quickly using minimally invasive arthroscopy under local anaesthesia. These procedures require short inpatient stays. The patient is mobile already on the day of surgery. Heavy joint wear are treated by implanting modern replacements.

Should pain is mainly caused by narrowing or tendon injuries. Arthroscopic surgery is effective for treating these as well.

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