Patient Information and Consulting Centre

The Patient Information and Consulting Centre (PIZ) can be used by in-patient patients and external visitors. In one room, persons looking for information can find current literature (both print and media) on health and dealing with illnesses, free informational and educational material, all comprehensible to laypersons, and an internet access point. Consultation will be provided by specialists from Nursing Care who, along with providing support in the use of the media, also counsel patients and relatives in nursing related topics, such as preventing falls, skin care and the use of nursing aids.

The need for such a centre is made apparent among other things by the increase in chronic diseases as well as the ever-shortening durations of hospital stays. These circumstances require that patients and their family members learn how to deal with healthcare and nursing care problems appropriately at home.

Business Contact:
Margareta Leitner, BScN