Upon request by the patient, his family or the nursing staff Rudolfinerhaus supports the patient on returning to their homes. Specifically we provide:

  • Individual counselling for patients and relatives about the necessary steps when arriving home
  • Support concerning the organization of rehabilitation measures prescribed by the doctor, necessary resources and tools, information about necessary adaptions at home (if applicable) or assisted living
  • Support for organizing home nursing or temporary help at home
  • Support in the search for a nursing home (available vacancies, evaluation of institutions for the patient)
  • Consulting and support on applications for subsidies and grants
  • Coordination of the efforts of all participating experts and institutions (hospital, GP, relatives, patient advocate, aid organizations, public bodies) on discharge


With these comprehensive services, the possibly difficult transition into a new health situation will be facilitated, potential fears reduced und the adaption made easier.


Maria Presslich, BA