The Department for Nuclear Medicine examines organs that are responsible for metabolic processes using scintigraphy. A safe radioactive substance is administered.

The institute of nuclear medicine examines the metabolic functions of organs by means of scintigraphy. In order to facilitate these examinations a radioactive substance, which is of course free of risks, is applied. Because metabolism takes place faster or more slowly than in infected tissue, the different radiation depicts the function of the organs. Thereby cancer illnesses can be significantly illustrated.

Both in-patients and out-patients of the rudolfinerhaus have access to the complete range of diagnostic examinations that provide functional images by means of scintigraphy. This allows the functioning of the heart, lung, brain, kidney, and bones to be depicted most clearly A special procedure is the depiction of the lymphatic flow from the female breast prior to breast surgery by way of sentinel node scintigraphy in order to minimize surgical procedures

Hormone typing, ultrasound and scintigraphies for the diagnosis and choice of ideal therapy in case of thyroid illnesses are carried out in the thyroid-clinic at the institute of nuclear medicine.

Univ.Doz. DDr. Gerold Porenta