More than half a million persons [1] in Austria suffer from diabetes mellitus (type 2 diabetes): the body produces its own insulin, but not in the required quantities. Diabetes, in turn, has been shown to increase the risk of cardiovascular and eye diseases, as well as stroke, kidney failure, and amputation.

Quite often the patients are not aware of the condition or not sufficiently aware of it when they develop early or weak forms of the disease. Thus, the possibility of improving manifestations of the disease by means of behavioral changes such as a modification of one’s diet or physical activity is neglected.

Several other metabolic diseases or diseases of the hormone balance also remain undiscovered for a long time because the patients are unable to immediately attribute the symptoms to a specific condition.

An early, comprehensive and interdisciplinary investigation of patients is indispensable! At Rudolfinerhaus Privatklinik we offer this service with immediate effect at our new Metabolic and Hormone Center under the management of Prof. Dr. Rudolf PRAGER and Prof. Dr. Anton LUGER.

At a preliminary medical consultation our experts determine the patient’s clinical status, evaluate the existing reports, and develop the strategy for further steps of diagnostic investigation and treatment together with the patient.

At the subsequent “Check-Up Metabolism – Excess Weight – Diabetes” the patient‘s individual metabolic profile is determined by performing a detailed diagnostic investigation. On the basis of this profile the Metabolic and Hormone Center is able to offer the entire spectrum of treatment and training needed to modify the patient’s individual lifestyle as required.

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[1] Source: (Initiative of the ÖDG – the Austrian Society of Diabetes)

Univ.Prof. Dr. R. PRAGER & Univ.Prof. Dr. A. LUGER