Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer for women in Austria. Detected early, however, it is easily curable and does not durably deteriorate quality of life. Early detection leads to better chances of recovery.
Therefore preventive examinations which consist of mammography and breast ultrasound for woman above the age of 40 are essential. Within the framework oft he Austrian early detection programme for breast cancer Rudolfinerhaus and Radiologie Oberdoebling offer all medical services as a one-stop shop. Participation in the programme is voluntary and cost-free for women insured through Austrian public health insurance. Referral by your specialist physician is not necessary!

Prevention saves lives and health, when discovered and treated in time breast cancer is mostly curable. Therefore swift clarification is highly helpful.

Additionally, Rudolfinerhaus offers the following related services:
• Gynecological examination
• Family anamnesis and predictive genetic testing
• Biopsy & histopathological anlysis
• Sentinel node scintigraphy
• Tumor board & second opinion
• Outpatient & dayclinic chemotherapy
• Specialised oncological care
• Radiation therapy (through partnerships)
• Immunotherapy
• Breast surgery & reconstruction
• Physical Medicine and rehabilitation
• Psychological counselling
• Individual nutritional counselling

The Private Outpatient Clinic gladly helps you to coordinate your appointments, opening hours are Monday through Friday from 8 am to 7 pm.
Services at the Private Outpatient Clinic have to be paid by patients themselves and may be refundable wholly or partially by public and private health insurance companies.

Private Outpatient Clinic