Innovation has a great tradition at the Vienna private hospital Rudolfinerhaus. The patients of this Viennese private clinic enjoy the highest levels of competence in all medical disciplines, for instance surgeries, internal medicine, gynaecology and obstetrics, laboratory diagnostics, nuclear medicine, imaging (x-ray- and other) diagnostics and also physical medicine.

The Rudolfinerhaus is a hospital to which patients may bring their physician of choice, who remains in charge of the patient’s care throughout their stay. As a well established first class hospital and enjoying an excellent international reputation not only regarding its medical and nursing services but also in matters of technical equipment, new developments and improvements the Rudolfinerhaus is looking forward to introducing you to its one-of-a-kind services and facilities.

Under the Medical Director, a team of specialists work full-time  here to assure that basic medical care is provided round the clock. 24 hours a day, at least one anaesthesiologist is present in the hospital and together with at least two general practitioners with emergency authorization, optimal care even in an emergency, is provided.

The Rudolfinerhaus is proud to offer not merely all regular and usual methods of diagnostics and therapy but also numerous modern special equipment and institutions.