Organization of Nursing Services

Director of Nursing Services

Ruth Deutsch-Hohberg, MAS
Secretariat: Silvia Fiegl
Extension: 6110
E-Mail: r.deutsch-hohberg(at)

Deputy Director of Nursing Services

Elisabeth Kugler
Extension: 6129
E-Mail: e.kugler(at)

Nursing Care, Staff Position

Elfriede Aichinger
Extension: 6687
E-Mail: e.aichinger(at)

Nursing Care, Staff Position

Dr. Andrea Smoliner, MNS
Extension: 6127
E-Mail: a.smoliner(at)

Nursing Care, Staff Position

Margareta Leitner, BScN 
Extension: 6122
E-Mail: m.leitner(at)

Nursing Care, Staff Position

Maria Christine Theuer
Extension: 6122

Nursing Care, Staff Position

Mag. Beatrix Balasko
Extension: 6122


Waltraut Mayr
Extension: 6199
E-Mail: w.mayer(at)

Care Units 

Wilczek Parterre

Different specialties with emphasis on orthopaedy
Head Nurse: Carola Karanusic
Unit Secretariat: Miglena Deltcheva
Extension: 6191

Wilczek I

Different specialties
Head Nurse: Sonja Paschinger
Unit Secretariat: Annemarie Odogu-Schuster
Extension: 6192

Wilczek II

Different specialties
Head Nurse: Margit Partoll
Unit Secretariat: Manuela Holzinger
Extension: 6194


Different specialties, with emphasis on oncology
Head Nurse: Elisabeth Kugler
Unit Secretariat: Ingrid Mitiska
Extension: 6129

Fellinger I

Different specialties, with emphasis on oncology
Head Nurse: Sabine Marek
Unit Secretariat: Ina Rothbauer
Extension: 6196

Station Fellinger II

Different specialities, with  emphasis on oncology
Head Nurse: Michaela Wind
Unit Sekretariat: Andrea Rostok
Extension: 6197


Different specialties, with emphasis on gynecology and obstetrics
Head Nurse: Mechthild Prandst├Ątter 
Unit Secretariat: Brigitte Blaschek
Extension: 6195


Care during pregnancy, during and after childbirth; care of the newborn, advice on breast-feeding
Head Midwife: Michaela Guggenbichler
Extension: 6159

Head of Department Ambulatory, OP and IMC

Isabel Auenhammer
Extension: 6499

Intermediate Care

Postoperative monitoring
Emergency and intensive care monitoring
Head Nurse: Sonja Bergmann
Extension: 6589

Ambulatory and Day Clinic

Monitoring of day clinic patients, surgical clinic, endoscopy
Head Nurse: Christine Milian
Extension: 6459

Operating Rooms

Surgical Interventions of different specialities
Head Nurse: Manuela Sloup
Extension: 6399
Unit Secretariat: Dominique Nikitsch
Extension: 6382