The Rudolfinerhaus

Welcome to the private hospital Rudolfinerhaus, located in a residential area of Vienna in the heart of Europe. The Rudolfinerhaus was founded in 1882 by Theodor Billroth, one of the most renowned and most eminent physicians of the Viennese Medical School. Up to the present this Viennese private hospital is among the most modern and most beautiful clinics in Austria.

The Rudolfinerhaus is a hospital to which patients may bring their physician of choice, who remains in charge of the patient’s care throughout their stay. As a well established first class hospital and enjoying an excellent international reputation not only regarding its medical and nursing services but also in matters of technical equipment, new developments and improvements the Rudolfinerhaus is looking forward to introducing you to its one-of-a-kind services and facilities.

Welcome to the Rudolfinerhaus. Vienna’s Leading Private Hospital.

Obliged to progress by a rich tradition
Feeling at home
In the centre of our attention: the patient
Medical services

Obliged to progress by a rich tradition

125 years of success in health care and the treatment of illnesses. History evidences that our clinic is committed to take an international lead in the medical sector as well as in nursing and thereby meets its motto of being “Vienna’s Leading Private Hospital”.

Feeling at home

Close to the natural beauties of the famous Vienna Woods and in the heart of Europe you will find the renowned Viennese private hospital Rudolfinerhaus. Vienna’s best physicians, top class medical services provided with state-of-the-art technical equipment and highly qualified health care and nursing staff are only one part of caring for our patient’s health and a speedy recovery.

The other and equally vital part is the atmosphere of a luxury hotel likewise enabling a high standard of wellbeing. From the admission to the day of departure – our guests feel just like at home. 

In the centre of our attention: the patient

The Rudolfinerhaus in Vienna is proud to look back at the experience of many decades and provide excellent services for patients from the most different cultures, which is made possible also by the wide range of languages spoken by the hospital staff (e.g. Arabic, Russian). Giving every patient the utmost personal attention and being responsive to each guests’ individual needs are part of our premium nursing care based on patient satisfaction.
Most of our health care and nursing staff is educated in the in-house health care and nursing school of the Rudolfinerhaus and lives in line with the equally traditional as progressive visions of the Rudolfinerhaus.

Two health care experts educated in Switzerland are in charge of implementing and safeguarding the highest standards of the newest scientific developments and principles. We are proud to offer best quality services assured by our quality management programme and our international ISO certificate for the entire hospital and its services.

Medical services

The Vienna Rudolfinerhaus offers its patients a wide variety of diagnostics and therapy, as for instance:

• open magnetic resonance tomograph (with 360 degrees all-side look-out)
• one of the fastest computer tomographs in the world (64 Zeiler CT)
• Nuclear medicine
• Minimally-invasive tumour therapy
• Pre-care Check-ups
• Gynaecology and Obstetrics
• Heart Center > diagnostics and treatment of cardiovascular diseases; including non-invasive and invasive angiography 
  and heart surgery
• Plastic and cosmetic surgery
• Orthopaedics (including total endoprosthetics)
• Minimally-invasive pain therapy
• Urology
• Ophthalmic surgery